25-year-old female shoemaker appeals for support in Lokoja (Video)


25-year-old female shoemaker appeals for support in Lokoja (Video)

A 25-year-old female shoemaker in Lokoja, Miss Esther John has appealed for support from wealthy and spirited individuals in the society to assist her by providing her with a shop.

Miss Esther made the appeal while speaking with Neptune Prime correspondent in Lokoja.

In the past, Artisan jobs and businesses were considered to be for the menfolk alone, but nowadays ladies are taking up the challenges by venturing into same businesses, especially any job that could enable them fend for themselves and their families.

So it is with Miss Esther John, who defied the norms in the society by going into shoemaking business to cater for herself, family and others.

The shoe maker who started her business in 2017, noted that she was motivated by the fact that she could not continue her education after secondary school.

“Actually, after my secondary school, I thought of what to do; I thought of going into tailoring and hairdressing because they’re common skills to learn. But along the line, I decided to venture into shoemaking business”.

According to her, the shoemaking business is a lucrative one and despite operating from a shade of a building in Zone 8 junction Lokoja, the business has been fetching her a pretty amount of money to cater for her, siblings and parents.

She said that so far, her shoemaking business has helped some youths who served her through apprenticeship, noting that some of them are doing well in their various places of the same business, while others have gone back to school in pursuit of higher education.

“We make unisex shoes for both men and women customers who patronise us as expected; we also make new shoes”.

Miss Esther, while narrating some of the challenges her business is facing said, “During the rainy season, if the rain is heavy and it’s breezy, it used to affect our business. That is one of the challenges we face. And sometimes, if it rains heavily, we have to close for the day.”

“So, if the government, wealthy and spirited individuals in the society could help me to expand the shop, I will be glad. I would be happy if they could help,” she added.

The 25-year-old lady who also noted that she is into bag making business, however, said since the location is not convenient enough to contain some of her machines, she has to ignore the bag making business.

25-year-old female shoemaker appeals for support in Lokoja (Video)


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