PDP Convention: It’s not yet Uhuru you can’t built a party on illegitimacy, by Yusuf Ali


PDP Convention: It’s not yet Uhuru you can’t built a party on illegitimacy, by Yusuf Ali

Yusuf Ali

As it were, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP’s) penchant for lawlessness and its inability to put its acts together for a virile opposition for democracy has been brougth to the fore with its illegitimate national convention.

Its not the smooth conduct of the process or emergence of a 25-year-old as national youth leader, that some are celebrating, its issue of illegal process built on illegality for illegitimate national Exco.

Make no mistake about it, the PDP’s national convenion is unconstitutional and a complete and total violation of its own constitution as a party for you cannot built a party on illegitimacy. But that has always been the case with PDP even as a ruling party what more of in the opposition desperate for power.

Come to think of it, instead of the PDP stakeholders to resolve all issues relating to Prince Uche Secondus, the party went on with its illegal national convention. Don’t mind the court order manipulated by Wike in Port Harcout. Illegitimate is illegitimate, not in accordance with accepted standards and rules.

It is my assessment of the material politics on the ground that until the Secondus issue is justly and conclusively resolved, it is illegitimate for the PDP to go into a national convention and even think of contesting for 2023. This is delusional.

The variables don’t seem to add up for the simple fact that one cannot hope to win on injustice and illegitimacy because this is a logical social law.

The latter-day PDP stakeholders, the old and new party oligarchs, seem to see that they can, forgetting that they’ve always in the past failed. It’s not about the individuals involved, just as of now it’s not about Secondus, but that of torching the hardcore principles of justice and rule of law. Yet, they don’t learn their lessons and make amends. That lawlessness is in PDP blood.

We are all living witness the sheer acts of impunity of the PDP as a party. We all know PDP lost in 2015 and 2019 presidential elections mainly as consequences of such acts and this is what they were carrying through to 2023. Its dead on arrival.

The trouble is that, Uche Secondus has headed to the Supreme Court to challenge the ruling of the Court of Appeal, Port Harcout Division, which on Friday gave a nod for the party’s national convention. Its devastating if Secondus finally wins in the Apex court according to him the impunity, which he alleged had driven the party to precipice and threatened its internal democracy and unity, must be resisted at all cost.

The former PDP national chairman, Secondus is challenging his illegal removal from office and asking the Court to reaffirm his four years tenure of office in line with section 59 (3) Constitution of the PDP.

PDP Convention: It’s not yet Uhuru you can’t built a party on illegitimacy, by Yusuf Ali


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