Nigeria must be remapped to address her challenges – SGoF, Abduganiyu Adeyemi


Nigeria must be remapped to address her challenges – SGoF, Abduganiyu Adeyemi

The Acting Surveyor-General of the Federation (SGoF), Surv. Abduganiyu Adeyemi Adebomehin has said that Nigeria must be remapped to address her challenges.

In a statement signed by his Head of Press and Public Relations, Abu Michael, Adebomehin while defending the 2022 budget appropriation at the National Assembly insisted that Nigeria must be remapped for her to be able to successfully deal with various challenges negatively counting against the genuine commitment and efforts of the Federal Government towards achieving a more effective security network, supportive environmental order, physical infrastructure and socio-economic system to guarantee sustainable development.

Adebomehin disclosed that the current Nigeria Map was produced for the country by the Canadian Government in 1970 and what the SGoF can continue is to update the map from time to time hence a new one has not to be produced since then.

He reasoned that the country would continue to find it difficult to make effectual decisions, plan well and successfully implement or execute her people-oriented and developmental projects without current topographical sheets that could provide the leadership timely and reliable data to work on.

Poor funding of the office, according to him, has hindered the production of current topo-sheets, and the formation of Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) across the country.

He said that office of the surveyors general of the federation (OSGoF) would require a drone that could fly for a certain period of time to generate data for a complete topo-sheet.

He assured that if properly funded, SGoF could provide the necessary support to enhance the country’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), combat her security challenges, and supports the Nigerian satellite system, weather forecast among many more.

Members of the House Committee on Works and Housing, chaired by Honourable Abubakar Kabir Abubakar, according to the statement, acknowledged the relevance of OSGoF and requested its leadership to provide the committee with critical documents for more information and intelligibility for better appropriation hence there could be a need for further interaction.

Nigeria must be remapped to address her challenges – SGoF, Abduganiyu Adeyemi


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