AEPB mum as pedestrian bridge turns market place in FCT (Pictures)


AEPB mum as pedestrian bridge turns market place in FCT (Pictures)

Dei-Dei pedestrian bridge, located at Kubwa Expressway, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja is where traders find comfort in displaying their goods for sale.

“In my opinion, I don’t believe that our weight put together has any significant impact on the bridge,” says Muhammad Yusuf, a trader.

He blames the government for not taking into cognisance the level of unemployment in the country. “If they did, some of us wouldn’t be here. In addition, he said, “Some of us you see here have acquired some level of education but no job. So, who is to be blamed, us or the government? He asked.

“We come here to trade only in the evenings when law enforcement officers have closed for the day,” he added.

However, Neptune Prime’s findings show that the traders usually resume trading on the bridge every day from 10 am to 11 pm.

Muhammad said they (traders) used to give some money to AEPB officials to allow them to use the bridge for trading but they have stopped it now. “We were advised by AEPB officials to always display our goods after closing hours,” he claimed.

When Neptune Prime attempted to speak to an AEPB official whose office is by the side of the bridge, he declined to comment. “It might lead to termination of my appointment if I talk to the media. So, go to our head office” he said.

In addition, this Reporter went to the media department of the AEPB Head office where he was told, “Madam lost her husband in an accident and not at work and nobody is acting on her behalf, so we can’t talk now.”

The lady staff said:

A text message was sent to the Director, Kaka Ali but he did not respond.

Expert View

Engineer Amina Saidu’s view is that occupying a pedestrian bridge as a permanent place for business is not advisable, “The live load is supposed to be moving not to remain in a permanent position” she said.

Saidu confirmed that the bridges are constructed to carry the ultimate load so long as it’s transitory and not stationed on it.

AEPB mum as pedestrian bridge turns market place in FCT (Pictures)


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