Full text of Gov Buni’s budget speech


Full text of Gov Buni’s budget speech


Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim, Wasallallahu Ala-Nabiyul Karim.

Your Excellency, the Deputy Governor of Yobe State, Honourable Idi Barde Gubana, (Wazirin Fune),

The Honourable Speaker, Yobe State House of Assembly, The Right Honourable Ahmed Lawan Mirwa,

Your Lordships, the Honourable Chief Judge and the Hon. Grand Kadi,
Honourable Members of the Yobe State House of Assembly,
Distinguished Members of the National Assembly here present,
Members of the State Executive Council,
State Chairman APC,
State Chairmen of other Political Parties here present,
Heads of Security and Paramilitary Agencies,
The Secretary to the State Government,
The Head of Service,
The Chief of Staff,
Special Advisers, Liaison Officers, Senior Special Assistants and Special Assistants here present,

Permanent Secretaries and Other Senior Government Officials,
Executive Chairmen of Local Government Councils,
Your Royal Highnesses, Emirs and Mais,
Distinguished Invited Guests,
Gentlemen of the Press,
Ladies and Gentlemen.
Assalamu Alaikum.

I am delighted with utmost gratitude to Almighty Allah (SWT), to have yet another rare honour and privilege to stand on the floor of this Honourable Chamber to discharge my duty of presenting the highlights of the 2022 Appropriation and Finance Bills.


2. ​It is important to give a review of the 2021 budget performance with a view to having a clear background for the continuous pursuance of our developmental goals in line with the yearnings and aspirations of the people. As you may recall, a total sum of one hundred and six billion, sight hundred and ninety-eight million, four hundred and ninety-nine thousand, seven hundred and seventy-six naira (N106,898,499,776) was approved for funding both capital and recurrent expenditures but later increased to one hundred and thirty-nine billion, eight hundred and seventy-four million, four hundred and ninety-nine thousand, seven hundred and seventy-six naira (N139,874,499,776) through a supplementary budget to enable us cope with the emerging realities.

3. ​From 1 January to 5 November 2021, the actual revenue receipts from the Federation Account Allocation, Internally Generated Revenue and other sources stood at one hundred and eight billion, twenty-four million, nine hundred and fourty-three thousand two hundred and forty-six naira (N108,024,943,246) representing 77.23 per cent of the reviewed budget. For the recurrent expenditure, the sum of fifty-four billion, four hundred and forty-six million, nine hundred and ninety-seven thousand, nine hundred and seventy-eight naira (N54,446,997,978) was expended out of the approved seventy one billion, eight hundred and fifty four million, two hundred and eleven thousand, seven hundred and sixty seven naira (N71,854,211,767) representing 75 per cent success. The sum of sixty eight billion, twenty million, two hundred and eighty eight thousand, nine naira (N68,020,288,009) was earmarked for capital expenditure out of which thirty-eight billion, one hundred and sixty eight million, eight hundred and eleven thousand, three hundred and sixty four Nlnaira (N38,168,811,364) was spent marking 56.11 per cent success. It is pertinent to note that in spite of the global economic meltdown, the overall performance of the 2021 budget was therefore, ninety two billion, six hundred and fifteen million, eight hundred and nine thousand, three hundred and forty two naira (N92,615,809,342) indicating 66.21 per cent success. The rate of performance is expected to further increase before the fiscal year elapsed.

4. ​Our 2021 performance includes but not limited to the following major highlights:-

i) Security to lives and property occupies a very pivotal position on the priority list of this administration. We have continued to give this sector the attention it deserves to safeguard the lives and property of our people. Consequently, government expended the sum of two billion, two hundred and eighty million, Slsix hundred and forty eight thousand, seven hundred and eighty five naira (N2, 280, 648, 785) for the Procurement of operational vehicles for Vigilante groups and other security operatives to sustain the fight against insurgency. This is in addition to other logistics support which includes fuelling of operational vehicles used by security agencies.

ii) In spite of the financial challenges faced by the Federal and State Governments, we have ensured payment of Salaries to our workers as an uncompromising obligation. This explains the unbroken record of prompt payment of salaries sometimes even before the disbursement of the Federation Account Allocation. I am proud to say that, Yobe State Government is not indebted to its Civil Servants and Insha Allah, we shall never be indebted. Similarly, we shall continue to pay pension and gratuities to our retirees as the resources permits.

iii) In our drive to provide motorable roads to facilitate easy movement of goods and services, and to give our major towns a face lift, the State Government expended nine billion, eight hundred and ninety seven million, three hundred and thirty one thousand, six hundred and ten naira (N9,897,331,610) on construction and rehabilitation of major roads; construction of township roads and drainages; procurement of heavy duty equipment and other working tools.

iv) We have sustained our efforts towards completion of the Damaturu International Cargo Airport with provision of DVOR, ILS, ITC, additional electrical work; procurement of transformers, generators and other equipment bringing the project much closer to completion and ready for commissioning.

v) Government expended the sum of seven billion, five hundred and thirty-four million, eight hundred and sixty-seven thousand, seventy-one naira (N7,534,867,071) on the rehabilitation of Potiskum-Jakusko-Gashua 33kv line, Potiskum-Damagum 33kv line, Damagum-Ngelzarma 33kv line and Damaturu-Babbangida-Geidam-Bukarti 33kv line, Bayamari-Yunusari and other inter and intra town distribution networks covering over 40 projects.

vi) Let me use this opportunity to specially commend and appreciate the federal government under the able leadership of His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR for approving Eight billion maira (N8,000,000,000) for the completion of the Damaturu Regional Water Supply. It is gratifying that work has commenced on the project and currently ongoing. This will no doubt complement our efforts in providing adequate and safe drinking water to our people. We also appreciate the construction of the Wachakal Airstrip by the Federal Government. This will boost trade, tourism and enhance air security operations in the State. Meanwhile, government has drilled new boreholes, rehabilitated existing ones, carried out reticulation systems and provided other necessary water supply equipment to sustain our policy on provision of safe drinking water to the people across the State.

vii) We have also maintained our drive on provision of decent and affordable accommodation for the people in partnership with the Family Homes Funds for the construction of 2350 houses in Damaturu the state capital, the other 16 local government council headquarters as well as, other towns. The houses have been completed and will be commissioned and allocated to eligible persons across the State as soon as Water and electricity are provided to the estates.

viii) In the area of healthcare delivery, we have constructed Isolation Centers at the Yobe State University Teaching Hospital (YSUTH) and State Specialist Hospitals in Potiskum and Gashua; the Construction of Provost Office, Library, Laboratory and one storey building Doctors Apartment are ongoing at the Yobe State University Teaching Hospital, Damaturu. We supplied and installed medical equipment including three Nos of HD Doppler Ultra Sound Machine to Specialist Hospitals, Damaturu, Potiskum and Gashua as well as, equipping the Medical College of Yobe State University, upgrading and provision of materials to health facilities across the State. The Yobe State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency (YSCHMA) has generated almost Three billion naira (N3,000,000,000) as joint contributions made by the State Government and employees which enabled a coverage of 246,130 beneficiaries implying over 90% success. In order to provide quality and affordable drugs to the public, the Yobe State Drugs and Consumables Management Agency has procured over Five Hundred Million Naira (N500,000,000) worth of drugs for the various health facilities in the State.

Let me state with a sense of fulfillment that we are alive to our pledge of providing one functional Primary Healthcare Center in each of the 178 political wards across the state. We shall inshaa Allah meet our target and probably add more if the resources at the disposal of the state so permits.

At this juncture, l want to on behalf of the State Government and the people, register our profound gratitude to the Bill and Melinda Gates and Dangote Foundations, and all other partners for their generous contributions and supporting our healthcare drive for a healthy and prosperous Yobe State.

Similarly, in the area of education, we have sustained the zeal to revitalizing education through construction and renovation of school structures; provision of teaching and learning materials, school feeding and payment of scholarships, registration, examination and tuition fees. Government expended Three billion, two hundred and eighty million, eight hundred thousand, four hundred and fifty eight naira (N3,280,800,458) in pursuance of our targets on education.

ix) We have released a total sum of Seven hundred and five million, seven hundred and thirty three thousand, five naira (N705,733,005) for the construction and rehabilitation of offices and other public structures, and provision of office furniture and equipment for Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

x) Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, in a bid to sustain our efforts on economic rejuvenation, over Twelve tillion naira (N12 Billion) was expended on the construction of Gashua, Nguru, Damaturu, Potiskum Modern Markets and the Potiskum Trailer Park. While the Gashua and Nguru modern markets are at completion stage, work is still ongoing on the Damaturu and Potiskum modern markets and the Potiskum Trailer Transit Park.

xi) l wish to intimate this Honourable House that, funds have been provided for the Yobe State and Federal Governments joint financing of the Jakusko-Nasari Livestock Development Centre. When completed, the Centre will settle herders, boost agricultural production value chain, enable formation of cooperative groups to access loans, provide access to education for nomads and reduce farmers/herders conflicts, among others.

xii) Government has also released Eight hundred and sixty eight million, nine hundred and seventy one thousand, six hundred and fifty three naira (N868,971,653) to cover payment of counterpart obligations to continue to jointly finance programmes and projects on education, healthcare delivery, water supply and empowerment with our development partners in the State.


The Budget Policy

5. ​Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, Distinguished Invited guests, ladies and gentlemen, the review of our performance in the outgoing fiscal year constitutes a good background for the presentation of what we have outlined to achieve in the incoming fiscal year. In the year 2022, we intend to maintain our policy on prudent management of resources, observance of due process, ensuring good value for money, completion of all ongoing projects, provision of basic infrastructure, general increase in agricultural production, improving commercial activities and enhancement of Internally Generated Revenue for speedy post-insurgency recovery and development.

6. ​For these reasons, we have tagged the 2022 budget as “BUDGET OF CONTINUITY, EMPOWERMENT AND ACCELERATED DEVELOPMENT”. The budget entails a total expenditure of One hundred and sixty four billion, fifty four million, three hundred and eighty four thousand naira (N164,054,384,000) indicating 17.3 per cent increase over the previous budget. Recurrent expenditure is to gulp Ninety One billion, four hundred and twenty five million, Slseven hundred and forty three thousand naira (N91,425,743,000), while Seventy two billion, six hundred and twenty eight million, six hundred and forty one thousand naira (N72,628,641,000) is allocated to finance capital expenditure, the sources for the funding of the budget is provided in the details of the Appropriation and Finance Bills.


7. ​The 2022 budget will concentrate on pursuance of our goals on post-insurgency recovery and economic rejuvenation. Our major focus should therefore, dwell on but not limited to the following:

8. ​Road construction remains one of the most important indices of development upon which we planned to sustain our progress for easier movement of goods and services. We will complete the construction of the Bulanguwa-Kumaganam 30-kilometer road, Damagum-Gubana 12-kilometer road, Chimbusko-Tagali road and rehabilitation of Jakusko-Garin Alkali, Kaliyari-Bayamari and Gashua-Yusufari roads. Work will continue on Gujba-Mutai road while the second phase of Mutai-Ngalda portion of the Gujba-Ngalda road would be jointly funded by the Yobe State Government and the North-East Development Commission in 2022. Work will also commence on the construction of Danchuwa-Jajere road to be funded through the MCRP. We would also carry out construction of township roads and drainages in Damaturu, Potiskum, Nguru, Gashua, Geidam and other Local Government (LG), Headquarters. We would undertake rehabilitation work on Katarko-Goniri; Ngelzarma-Mashio; Babbangida-Chirokusko and Girgir-Karage roads. In addition, we intend to construct roads linking Dawasa-Chikuriwa-Kukuri; Bara-Njibulwa; Maisandari-Gambir; Babbangida-Koriyel; Potiskum-Degubi; Fika-Maluri and Fuwuri-Damakaso.

9. ​To this end, government would adequately support the Ministry of Budget to work in collaboration with the State Project Monitoring Committee to ensure timely and quality execution of the projects for government to have value for its money.

10. ​In the same vein, we would consolidate on our achievements by providing funds for completion of the Trailer Park and the Modern Market in Potiskum while contract will be awarded for construction of the Geidam Modern Market. We will Insha Allah commission the Gashua, Nguru and Damaturu markets soon to stimulate commerce and economic activities, while work will be intensified for execution of the Potiskum Modern Market and Trailer Park.

11. ​We shall in the 2022 fiscal year resuscitate the Fertilizer Blending Plant, Pre-stress Pole Company and recapitalize the Yobe Flour Mills, the Sahel Aluminium company and Yobe State Polythene and Woven Sacks companies to make them more viable.

12. ​In the area of health-care delivery, the 2022 budget has made proposal for Completion of construction work at the largest maternity complex in Nigeria at the Yobe State University Teaching Hospital, provision of furniture and state-of-the-art equipment to the center; Rehabilitation of General Hospitals Fika and Nangere; Completion of ongoing construction works at General Hospitals Machina and Yusufari; Completion of the provost office, library and lecture theatre for the clinical site of the medical college situated in the Yobe State University Teaching Hospital; Renovation of health care workers’ accommodation at Yobe state Specialist Hospital Damatruru; Completion of ongoing construction of 30 bed capacity house officers quarters and Rehabilitation of the maternity complex at the Yobe state Specialist Hospital Damatruru.

13.​We shall by the grace of the Almighty Allah, roll out Emergency Medical Ambulance Service, an intervention that will reduce loss of lives due to delay in instituting care at the point of emergency and fast track the transportation of medical and trauma emergencies to Accident and Emergency Units. Government will complete ongoing upgrade and rehabilitation of Primary Healthcare Centres and construction of some critical ones especially in hard to reach communities. Similarly, Government would engage additional health care professionals to reduce gaps in Human Resources needed in the health facilities.

14. ​We have proposed to give a facelift to our major towns by allocating funds for provision and maintenance of electricity transmission network, solar street lights, transformers, generators and traffic lights in Damaturu, Potiskum, Nguru, Gashua, Geidam and Buni Yadi.

15. ​To address youth restiveness and unemployment, the newly established Ministry of Wealth Creation, Empowerment and Employment Generation is mandated to come up with initiatives that would support Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, provide employment opportunities and promote self reliance for economic empowerment of our Youth, Women, People Living With Disabilities and other Vulnerable groups.

16. ​In the Education Sector, We will consolidate the achievements recorded in revitalizing basic and secondary education. In the 2022 budget, we will pursue with vigor the renovation of more schools. We will Insha Allah, very soon commission the new Model and Mega schools to give Yobeans access to getting their age long educational desire through dualization of our curriculum to encourage blending of western with islamic education. We are determined to take Yobe state to a zero level of the out of school children menace. Government is targeting the recruitment of 2,000 teachers to augment the present number. So far, we have supplied and furnished over 400 schools with adequate furniture and other teaching aides. We have reviewed to improve the administration of our schools in the state through constant monitoring. Government will provide additional Toyota hilux vehicles to the monitoring fleet.

17. ​We would in 2022 construct and rehabilitate more school structures including tertiary institutions; provide new offices and laboratories; supply generators, furniture, teaching and learning materials and game facilities for extra-curricular activities in the schools. We have also earmarked funds for the establishment of one Entrepreneur Development Center for all categories of people in each of the three Senatorial Districts and Information and Communication Center in the Ministry of Higher Education, Damaturu. We would also continue with the school feeding system and ensure prompt payment of counterpart fund, scholarships, registration, examination and tuition fees.

18. ​The Provision of safe drinking water would continue to receive priority attention under this administration. We would therefore, improve on our synergy with the Federal Government to ensure completion of the Damaturu Regional Water Supply, carry out complete rehabilitation of the reticulation systems in six major towns namely: Damaturu, Potiskum, Nguru, Gashua, Geidam and Buni-Yadi; continue to provide new boreholes, generators and repairs of existing water facilities as well as effect payment of counterpart obligation for both urban and rural water supply in the State.

19. ​The 2022 budget also entails proposal for expenditure for construction of a Mini Hajj camp and Education Resource Centre; digitization of YBC and YTV; payment of compensation of lands; building and rehabilitation of office structures for the Courts, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). We would also provide additional utility vehicles for security agencies and MDAs.

Sectoral Allocations

20. ​The Sectoral and Ministerial allocations contained in the estimates of the 2022 Budget are based on Yobe State Socio-Economic Reform Agenda (YOSERA IV) and are as follows:-

a)​ AGRICULTURE – Eight billion, seven hundred and sixteen million, nine hundred and ninety four thousand, five hundred Nlnaira (N8,716,994,500) representing 5.3 per cent.

b)​ COMMERCE – Seven billion, six hundred and eight million, five hundred and seven thousand Nlnaira (N7,608,507,000) Representing 4.6 per cent.

c) ​EDUCATION – Twenty eight billion, seven hundred and twenty eight million, three hundred and forty four thousand, five hundred naira (N28,728,344,500) Representing 17.5 per cent.

d) ​ENVIRONMENT – Two billion, six hundred and sixty nine million, two hundred and seventy three thousand naira (N2,669,273,000) Representing 1.6 per cent.

e)​ HEALTH – Eighteen billion, three hundred and thirty eight million, one hundred and forty five naira (N18,338,145,000) Representing 11.2 per cent.

f)​ LAW AND JUSTICE – Two billion, nine hundred and twenty million, nine hundred and eighty nine thousand, naira (2, 920,989,000) Representing 1.8 per cent.

g) WATER SUPPLY – Six billion, twenty seven million, three hundred and sixty thousand Nlnaira (N6,027,360,000) Representing 3.7 per cent.

h) ​WORKS, HOUSING and TRANSPORT – Twenty nine billion eight hundred and forty million, two hundred and ninety four thousand naira (29,840,294,000) Representing 18.2 per cent.

I) GOVERNANCE – Fifty six billion, nine hundred and forty one million, eight hundred and forty thousand naira (56,941,840,000) Representing 34.7 per cent. This include Government House, House of Assembly, Office of the SSG, office of the Head of Service, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Civil Service Commission, Local Government Service Commission, State and Local Government Auditor General’s Offices, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Budget and Planning, among others.
The details of the Budget are contained in the Finance and Appropriation Bills.

Improvement on Revenue Generation

21. ​It has been observed that most revenue collection drive in the State does not strictly adhere to guidelines for collection and utilization. The resultant loss of revenue has been fettering our efforts in executing developmental projects for the people. In this regard, I would like to commend this Honourable House for recently organising a Public Hearing on a Bill for a Law to provide for the Harmonisation, Consolidation and Codification of All Yobe State Revenue Laws and also to Restructure the Internal Revenue Service and for other Related Matters Law 2021.

22.​ I wish to assure this Honourable House that as a step to collectively correct the anomaly, I would immediately assent to the Bill as soon as it is presented to me. Before then, I would like to enjoin all Chief Executives of MDAs including Tertiary Institutions of learning to take note of the current events in the Honourable House preparatory to expected full compliance with the ensuing Law.

The North East Multi-Sectoral Crisis Recovery Project (MCRP)

23. ​The Multi-sectoral Crisis Recovery Project for North-East Nigeria (MCRP) aims to improve livelihoods of affected communities by facilitating recovery from the negative effects of Boko Haram conflict, strengthen social cohesion, rehabilitate infrastructure and restore service delivery to the people. Work is currently ongoing on the construction of the Gujba-Mutai road, while the Danchuwa-Jajere and Girgir-Karage roads would take off before the end of the year. The Recovery Project is also undertaking Construction and upgrading of Primary Healthcare Centers, provision of agricultural infrastructure, water and sanitation programmes across the State.

World Bank Sponsored Agro-Climate Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes (ACRESAL).

24. ​The sum of Five hundred million naira (N500,000,000) has been released as counterpart fund for the take off of the World Bank-sponsored Agro-Climate Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes (ACRESAL) in the State. The project is to address the problem of desertification and sustainable livelihood in the arid and semi-arid areas of the State.

Nigeria COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus (NG-CARES) Programme.

25. ​As you may be aware, over 2,000 Yobeans have benefitted from the Nirsal/Covid-19 loan. This is intended to empower the beneficiaries to engage in economic viable ventures to create employment opportunities through self reliance. I therefore wish to call on the beneficiaries to use the loans judiciously and for the intended purposes to curb the challenges of unemployment in the society.

26. ​The NG-CARES has budgeted the sum of Three billion, eight hundred and ninety six million, four hundred and twenty five thousand, three hundred naira (N3,896,425,300) to finance five components namely: Fadama, State Cash Transfer Unit (SCTU), Labour Intensive Public Workfare (LIPW), Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Community and Social Development Agency (CSDA) for the 2022 fiscal year. The programmes would aim at increasing food production, provision of water and sanitation; provision of N10,000 monthly cash assistance to 3,510 vulnerable households for a year; payment of stipends of N10,000 monthly to participating youth and women in Labour Intensive Public Workfare (LIPW); 40 per cent support to Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) on loans obtained and provision of basic social infrastructure and services to poor communities in the areas of Education, Health and Water Supply across the State.


27. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, our administration will continue to cherish and sustain the existing harmonious and cordial working relationship between the Executive and Legislative Arms of Government in the conduct of our collective responsibility of giving purposeful leadership and multi-faceted development to our people. I would like to commend this Honourable House for the deep understanding it has been exhibiting in our common resolve to uplift the living standard of the citizenry and put Yobe State on the path of accelerated development after many years of insurgency. We should therefore, be thankful to the Almighty Allah for the return of peace, appreciate the commitment of His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR and commend the gallant efforts of all security operatives and vigilante groups in the fight against insurgency and other crimes in the country.

28. ​The Right Honourable Speaker, Honourable Members of the Yobe State House of Assembly, I firmly believe in the commitment and diligence of this Honourable House to peruse through the 2022 Appropriation and Finance Bills with a view to timely passing them into law.

29. ​Let me also take this opportunity to reassure the good people of Yobe state of the commitment of this administration that we will continue to serve the state selflessly and diligently with a duty and pledge to improve the lives of our people. I enjoin the citizenry to continue to pray to Almighty Allah for the full return of peace and prosperity in the state and the nation at large.

30. ​I now have the singular privilege, honour, and indeed, the duty to present to the Honourable House, the 2022 proposed Budget as provided for in section 121, sub-section (1) 2 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.

Thank you for your attention and May the Almighty Allah bless us all. Amin.

Wassalamu Alaikum Warahmatul-Lahi Ta’ala Wabarakatuhu.

Full text of Gov Buni’s budget speech


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