How 7 members of Askira royal family were kidnapped


How 7 members of Askira royal family were kidnapped

Seven members of the Askira royal family were kidnapped three days ago on their way to Damaturu from Maiduguri. The kidnappers only called once and warned that nobody should call any of those in their captivity.

The kidnapped victims were on their way returning to Kaduna, Abuja and Lagos, but they decided to go through Maiduguri to see the aged mother of Retd Navy Personnel, Imrana Muhammad.

At the time they were kidnapped, seven of them were in the car. The gunmen, suspected to be ISWAP fighters, blocked their car and asked them to come down, immediately they came down, the fighters set their car on fire. The car belongs to Imrana Muhammad.

Apart from Imrana Muhammad and his mother, a former General Manager NNPC Ecological Fund, Muhammad Njiddah, was also with his mother in the car. Other victims were Bello Isa Ndottiwa, Sarkin Fulanin Askira; Babayo Askira and one other person.

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After burning their vehicle, they asked them to follow them into the bush, while the two aged mothers were left behind in the bush because they were weak and could not walk, but later, some villagers found them and took them to their homes.

At the time of filing this report, Emir of Askira, Alhaji Abdullahi IBN Askirama had left Askira for Maiduguri to brief the Governor and other security operatives like the Borno State Commissioner of Police and DGSS.

Meanwhile, our correspondent paid a visit to Hajiya Kulu, wife of Sarkin Fulanin Askira in their house in Hayin Malam Bello Kaduna. According to her, they were told to look for bank documents of those affected. Njidda Kana is one of the children of the first Emir of Askira, late Maimaina, Imrana is of the same father as the present Emir of Askira, same with Babayo, while Bello is an eminent traditional ruler in Askira Emirate.

How 7 members of Askira royal family were kidnapped


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