Police, late Ali Kwara’s successor clears Bauchi forests of bandits, armed robbers


Police, late Ali Kwara’s successor clears Bauchi forests of bandits, armed robbers

Ahmad Muhammad Kwara, the successor of late armed robbers’ hunter, Ali Kwara, in collaboration with the police, have cleared the forests in Bauchi North Senatorial District in Bauchi State of bandits, kidnappers, armed robbers, cattle rustlers and other criminals to strengthen the economy of the area.

Ahmad Kwara stated this when interacting with reporters at the Aminu Saleh College of Education Azare.

He said since, after the death of the famous hunter, the family held a meeting on how to succeed in his humanitarian activities, in fighting crime and criminality.

“His eldest son, Mohammed Kwara oversees his businesses, while myself, who is his younger brother, same father same mother, will succeed in the fight against all forms of crime and criminality, and we agree to start from home. We entered the bushes around our areas and cleared all remnants of bandits, kidnappers, cattle rustlers, armed robbers and other criminals from the forests”, Ahmad said.

Ahmad said with the support of policemen from the Inspector General of Police (IGP)’s office and the Bauchi State Police Command, we jointly entered the bush and cleared them within the last one year since when late Ali left this world.

He said the clearance operation was aimed at making sure that bandits, kidnappers and other criminal elements from neighbouring states did not infiltrate into the forest and any other part of the senatorial district.

Ahmad said the IGP attached his team with mobile policemen.

“We jointly worked together in the forests and other flashpoints in the area and we are happy today that our forests in northern Bauchi State are free from criminal activities.

“Since we have finished with our home, we are now ready to go outside the senatorial districts and other states.”

He further stated that presently his team are working in Katsina State and by the grace of Allah they will proceed to Zamfara State, and they are planning to also carry out a major operation in Lame Burra Game Reserve in Ningi and Toro Local Government Area of Bauchi State.

Ahmad observed that the country is presently going through a lot of security challenges and “we are doing our best to mitigate it; we are committed and determined to fight bandits, kidnappings and other criminalities.”

He said since they started, over 50 criminals have been arrested and prosecuted by the police.

Ahmad thanked the people for their support and prayers and urged them to continue to help them with valuable information that will aid them in arresting the criminals.

Police, late Ali Kwara’s successor clears Bauchi forests of bandits, armed robbers


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