Readers’ comments, by Professor MK Othman


Readers’ comments, by Professor MK Othman

Deep Thought with Othman

Yet, it is another chance to permit the esteemed readers of this Column to express their views. As usual, there were varieties of views on almost every topic I presented in this Column. It is really difficult to share all the views but it is important to select a few ones that critiqued my opinion to give the readers another perspective on the subject; the pros, and cons of each topic. However, some of the views are edited for clarity and space limitation. Happy reading.

Great discourse Professor! What lessons did we learn from the Afghan imbroglio? Are we not having a near replica of the ugly Afghan scenario playing itself out right in our backyard as in the intractable Boko Haram insurgency and the general insecurity bedevilling our country especially the north? I reckon we should view the Afghan war within the context of our own insecurity viz-a-viz the scramble for precious resources by the global powers hiding behind the facade of fighting terrorists within the West African sub-region.

They had indirectly sought to control the critical resources within the sub-region overly but more or less covertly. We need to align the Afghan scenario to our cases of banditry and insurgency for which foreign powers may deeply be immersed!!!

Alhaji Sani Ahmed, Kano

More grease to your elbows Professor You may wish to note that Afghanistan proved to be the grave of superpowers. Britain, in its heydays, could not conquer the mineral-rich country and fell immediately after its Afghan imperial adventure.

The USSR also crumbled after its Afghan adventure. And now, one can rightly foresee the not too distant fall of all the foreign forces with their arrogance. What then could replace capitalist imperialism? This is a topic of analysis for another day by the Prof or any other volunteer. I hope to be one of the volunteers to discuss alternatives to the capitalist system, God willing.

Additionally, Professor, part of the lessons thereof is that the powerful countries should learn to shun imperial and hegemonic practices on other countries. For example, some foreign countries are all out to usurp African Gold, oil, diamond, Uranium, etc through the imposition of terror networks. Look at what they have imposed on us in Zamfara, Katsina, Nigeria and Sokoto. There are allegations that helicopters are being used to lift our illegally mined mineral resources.

Why are they not respecting the sovereignty of the African countries, arranging for mutual trade even if it takes them to give us chicken and collect our camel?

Let them allow us to live in peace. Let the so-called Nigerian leaders know that neo-colonists only have no permanent friends but permanent interests.

The Europeans would use them and dump them. Power belongs to Allah. If the arrogant powers do not heed to the lesson in Afghanistan, they would certainly get the consequences. Nigeria and indeed Africa will be resilient and ultimately be free. Prosperity will be set in by the grace of the Almighty.

Dauda N. Dangora, PhD.

Factual piece Professor, the world leaders should equally join hands to revive the Afghans peace, democracy, economy and structural development like every other developed nation.

Abdullah Danjuma, Bindawa.

Great article MK! And I pray God grants us the grace and mercy to grow a world where all people care about all people.

Dana wise.

Sir, the greedy mighty giants will continue to fall until and unless they learn and respect the culture of others. You can’t keep playing double standard and expect no backlash.

Al KasimKajuru, Zaria.

Nigeria’s Leadership Parasitic Tendency and Nation Building

I am equally ready to join my prof for the emancipation of Nigerian leadership. Thanks for this write-up. As I read, it seems more captivating and mind-capturing as if it shouldn’t end. Thanks, sir.

Abdullah Umar, Zaria.

You have done a good job with clear facts. It is now left to those steering the affairs of the country to note and correct.

Dr Aminu YAKUBU Umar.

First, we need total abolishment of the 1999 constitution that gives room for all this mess of governance while a new one be created that will strictly inculcate national consciousness, discipline, economic progression, structural labour dignity, legal standard, democratic reforms and governance accountability.

Else, the worms of corruption and bad governance will continue eating deep into our fabric to a total collapse. Thank you, Professor, wish you more power to your searchlight.

Abdullahi Danjuma Bindawa.

My Professor, you have completely skinned the dirty monkey conundrum hovering over our political institution saddled by calloused and sycophants who only understood the language of Naira Laundry deprived of humanism. The political impostors who lack every ideological good, just like demons.

Yakubu Yunusa Sakpe, Bida.

They cannot reduce the cost of governance or adjust their lavish lifestyles. They are there for themselves not for the people…

Al Kasim Kajuru.

Readers’ comments, by Professor MK Othman


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