Repentant Boko Haram fighters demonstrates in Borno


Repentant Boko Haram fighters demonstrates in Borno

When over 1,500 Boko Haram militants in Borno State decided to repent and go back into society as decent citizens, many Nigerians were not sure of their sincerity, hence many didn’t welcome them wholeheartedly.

Governor Babagana Zulum being a man of his words, set up camps for the repentant terrorists, food items, clothes, drugs and materials for trade were provided for them steadily.

However, the pressure became too much on the Governor, which made him travel to Abuja to meet with the Chief of Defense Staff, Army and Navy and other senior Nigerian government officials to assist in convincing the militants to stay true to their words of dropping their arms.

Zulum, later on, moved the repentant fighters to Maiduguri Hajj camp where they were receiving training in all manners of handwork, they pledged never to go back to the bush again, with some of them advising their colleagues not to betray the Governor, a man of honesty and humility.

Similarly, at the palace of Shehu of Borno, UNDP and UNICEF assisted with money so that the training exercise will continue, after which they can be successfully integrated into society.

Recently, two days ago, reports said the militants staged a massive protest and damaged several government properties, indicating that the leopard can never change its behaviour, once a monkey always a monkey.

With such development, Borno State Government officials are brainstorming on measures to control the outbursts and legally punish those who started the mayhem.

Reports gathered indicates that the repented Boko Haram fighters revolted because their foodstuffs have finished, which has already made some of them escape to the bush again.

Repentant Boko Haram fighters demonstrates in Borno


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