Gov Badaru holds symposium on mitigating water scarcity


Gov Badaru holds symposium on mitigating water scarcity

Governor Badaru Abubakar of Jigawa State has declared open a three-day symposium on the ways to mitigate water scarcity in the state through sustainable and management practices with a call on the personalities involved to fashion out modern techniques on ways to address the perennial water scarcity confronting them.

According to the governor, the symposium will assist the state in finding a lasting solution to the water challenges facing them.

He said “given the challenges, we have to come up with viable strategies in mitigating water problems confronting our dare state.

“With the good ideas of the participants in this important gathering, we have the belief of acquiring more innovations from the experience of water experts before us, on how best to follow strategically to arrest this peculiar water problem confronting us and to implement” (sic), the governor said.

Badaru added saying, “We promise as a government to look inward all critical areas on how best to improve our commitment, for us to advance forward, for us to be able to know how to serve our people better.”

In his welcome address, the DG Directorate of Technical Cooperation in Africa, Ambassador Rabiu Dogari stated that though the Jigawa state government has invested heavily in water supply, there was the need for the government to intensify efforts in conformity with the major challenges effectively in most critical areas for a way forward.

The participants noted that despite the federal and state governments’ commitments in addressing water problems, issues of water scarcity demand collaboration among government and public participation for a way forward.

According to him, this symposium is meant to proffer solutions towards alleviating water scarcity as well as to encourage private sector partnership in the provision of sustainable water partnerships with the government. It was expected that such a partnership will also enhance food security and improve the socio-economic life of the people of the state.

Therefore, I call on stakeholders to seize the opportunity of this very important symposium to come up with strategies for effective partnership and networking for water security in the state and harvest it for the growth and development of our dare nation.

The three days symposium on mitigating water scarcity in Jigawa state organised by the Directorate of Technical Cooperation in Africa under the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and the Jigawa State Government was expected to digest problems associated with water problems and proffer a lasting solution.

It is expected at the end of the three days symposium for water experts and engineers to come up with a unified submission and recommendations on how best the water scarcity can best be addressed in both the state and the country at large.

Gov Badaru holds symposium on mitigating water scarcity


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