How Nigerian Army stormed monarch’s home, inflicted injuries on him, family over N58,000 (Pictures)


How Nigerian Army stormed monarch’s home, inflicted injuries on him, family over N58,000 (Pictures)

Salihu Aliyu, the Galadima of Tungan-Maje in Gwagwalada Area Council of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja said the Nigerian Army stormed his residence on Sunday, the 21 November 2021, within the hour of 7:30 pm.

He said: “I was just coming out of the mosque after ishai prayers then I saw a military Hilux fully loaded with soldiers. Some of them wielded guns while some held sticks. The soldiers divided themselves into groups, some went into my house to beat up women and destroy properties. Some of them were outside the house and it was those ones that held me down and beat me up to an extent that they broke my head”.

In addition, Aliyu said his eldest son, Abdulrahman Salihu and his daughter Shamau Salihu sustained very serious injuries too.

“As I speak, we just came out of the hospital after being on admission for three days. Now, I am beginning to notice that I can not see clearly like I used to”.

The eldest son of the monarch, Abdulrahman Salihu who spoke on how he was beaten by the Nigerian army on that sad day said:

“We were here seated at the front of the house when soldiers alighted from their Hilux truck with Mrs Abigall Dama, a woman who claimed that she is being owed some amount of money with a man who claims to be a Colonel in the Nigerian army in their midst, ordering the soldiers to beat us up”.

Salisu further said as a result of the beating by the military his wrist was dislocated in two parts of his hand. The wrist of his younger sister too was dislocated and his brother Adamu Tanko sustained injuries on his leg and his head.

“It may shock you to know that, the reason for all of this military action is because of N58,000, allegedly owed by my younger brother Ibrahim Danjuma Salihu. You can see how the Nigerian military condescends so low to tow the path of debt collector by the use of brutality. In a society where we are supposed to abide by the rule of laws”.

Neptune Prime sought to hear from Ibrahim Danjuma Salihu, who said he sold a piece of land to Mrs Abigail Dama and she paid the sum of N400,000 to him. After a long period of time, she told him (Danjuma) to refund her money because she’s no longer interested. He said to her that he doesn’t have such an amount to give her. So, he sought to resell and pay her.

I am not denying that I owe her money, but I have paid the better part of the money to her and it’s only remaining just N58,000 which of course we agreed that she should give me more time to pay. As at that time, she seemed to be at home with the arrangement, I really don’t understand where all of this is coming from”.

As for the injuries sustained during the military incursion, Mrs Abigail will be held responsible, Danjuma said.

He added saying: “For her money, I am going to pay her as soon as I have the means even if I have to sell my property I will do so to pay her”.

A witness to the crisis Jibir Alhassan said when he noticed the way the soldiers were beating people and dragging them into their Hilux he became scared and took to his heel and that was how he escaped from being a victim, it was like a war that evening.

Adamu Tanko is another victim of the incursion by the military and according to him, he sustained injuries on his head and leg and also claimed that his two android phones were seized by the military. The Army seized it when they took the victims to their barracks. He added that the soldiers in the Muhammadu Buhari military cantonment have a penchant for harassing innocent Nigerians.

The Emir of Tunga Maje (HRH) Salihu Naanabi Isaiku confirmed the incident and said: “It is true that soldiers invaded and assaulted my subjects and it is shocking that the Nigerian army will descend this low. However, I have reported the issue to the Zuba police station and they are investigating the matter. In addition, the army commander was here in the palace to plead on behalf of the Nigerian Military”.

Neptune Prime sought to hear from the Nigerian army but they declined comments.

Efforts to speak with Mrs Abigail Dama and the said acclaimed Colonel who refused to give his full identity but the app True Caller revealed his name as Azara Dama also proved abortive.

The latest assault in Tungan Maje underscores the helplessness of the Nigerian citizens and the need for Nigerian authorities to proactively tackle the deteriorating Human Rights abuses in Nigeria.

How Nigerian Army stormed monarch’s home, inflicted injuries on him, family over N58,000 (Pictures)


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