Natasha Akpoti inaugurates road project, charges leaders on nation-building


Natasha Akpoti inaugurates road project, charges leaders on nation-building

The Enterprise Village being proposed by Natasha Akpoti, the candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the 2019 governorship election in Kogi State, will generate over 10,000 employment opportunities when completed.

Natasha, who disclosed this during her 42nd birthday celebration in Ihima, Okehi Local Council of Kogi State, said she has already acquired 11 hectares of land for the village.

According to her, several cottage industries will spring up, which expectedly are going to generate over 700 jobs and create wealth for not only the people of the area but Kogi people and the entire country.

While apologising to everyone that she has stayed away from them for a long time, she said: “I want to assure you that you will be seeing me more often now. The Enterprise Village will touch everyone, positively.

Thousands of jobs will be created and ultimately lead to wealth creation for our people and Nigerians.

“My vision is that so many industries will spring up here. We are going to be producing for export. This will translate to more money for the people and they will become prosperous.”

Lamenting the backward nature of the area that is largely due to the absence of critical infrastructure, she promised to intervene in the road from Oboroke in Ihima-Ibilo-Benin, to open up the area for business activities.

According to her, “if this road is fixed, business activities will increase, banks will come in, good hospitals will be built here and hotels spring up.”

Akpoti pointed out that economic activities will be on the rise and the people better for it. “I’m very optimistic that the job on the road would be completed in three months. That’s my hope and expectation. From Obeiba here, we are going to work to Oboroke where the road rehabilitation will start,” she said.

While unveiling a street named after her late father, Dr Jimoh Akpoti in Ihima, the elated lady also inspected the Ihima-Ege Access Road and other developmental projects in the pipeline and flagged off the Ihima-Imoga road project.

Akpoti also inaugurated the Ibillo-Lampese Road by General Hospital junction at Ibillo in Akoko Edo Local Council of Edo State, which she noted was solely sponsored by her.

According to her, the deplorable nature of the road and the attendant hardship the people were subjected to led to the fixing of the failed part of the road.

The legal practitioner was later conferred with the chieftaincy title of Osasafe (The repairer) of Okpameri Kingdom in Edo State by the Okpameri Traditional Council of Obas at the Civic Centre, Ibillo/Okpameri in Akoko Edo Local Council of Edo State.

Speaking at the ceremony, Akpoti thanked the people of the Ibillo-Lampese community, especially the youths for the support and cooperation they gave to the workers during the rehabilitation works.

She charged citizens to see nation-building as a collective task while making an impact without waiting for a position of authority.

“Nation-building is a collective responsibility, which requires citizens to positively influence the environment in whichever way they can. If you find yourself in a position where you can make an impact, please do not hesitate. You don’t have to be in office, you don’t have to own a position of authority. You can make an impact of service and a project,” Natasha said.

While commending her kind gesture and generosity, Patrick Obaletan said, “for those of us from Akoko Edo, who understand the deplorable nature of this road, we really appreciate what she has done. We say may God bless you, Natasha”.

Natasha Akpoti inaugurates road project, charges leaders on nation-building


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