I quit “Labarina” film project because… Kannywood’s Nafisa Abdullahi


I quit “Labarina” film project because… Kannywood’s Nafisa Abdullahi

Nafisa Abdullahi, one of the prominent faces in the “Labarina Project” being produced and directed by the famous Aminu Saira has explained that she heard of a plan by owners of the programme to drop her, that is why she quickly wrote to them that due to her heavy engagements, she could no longer continue. She also wished the producers all the best to succeed in their endeavour.

She was quoted confiding in her close friends that the last episode that was shot was where she was kidnapped and beaten, leaving her with facial damages. In the series, the lead actress needs to undergo surgery to repair her damaged face.

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It was alleged that the producer, Aminu Saira planned to replace her with another actress when she returned, and therefore stop featuring Nafisa. Top on the list of replacements is Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya.

Recently, one of the lead actresses in the program, Maryam Wazeery left when she got married to former Super Eagle Star, Tijjani Babangida but she was replaced with Fati Washa Abdullahi, the lanky Kaduna-born actress.

Similarly, Nuhu Abdullahi has left, Isa Ferouz Khan (Presido) is planning to leave alongside the financer of the program, Naziru Ahmad, who is complained that he has no time for other businesses. Similarly, he added that before he joined Labarina, he used to wake up by 1:00 pm and start his business but now, the program starts by 9:00 am and this, he cannot afford.

Meanwhile, Nafisa Abdullahi, who is outside the country on vacation lamented that she has succeeded in accomplishing three things very dear to her life since she left the Labarina project-first, she was able to travel to the Sahara Desert in Dubai and had enjoyed several days of Power biking with her friends. Secondly, she was able to visit an ocean where she had a swim for several hours and took pictures with dolphins.

Finally, she took a flight in a light helicopter and dropped through a parachute with her guide, a white man who was right there behind her and tied together.

This has, however, been attracting several criticisms, but she is happy to have fulfilled the life-long dream she has had.

I quit “Labarina” film project because… Kannywood’s Nafisa Abdullahi


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