Terrorists kill 58 in Zamfara, 11 informants executed


Terrorists kill 58 in Zamfara, 11 informants executed

Residents of Anka and Bukkuyim Local Government Area (LGA), of Zamfara State said 58 bodies were found after attacks on five villages by terrorists suspected to belong to Bello Turji’s camp.

The terrorists unleashed mayhem on the villagers as they were relocating to Gando deep into Bukkuyim area from their present Fakai base in Issa Local Government (LG).

The residents said that search parties were still combing the bushes for more bodies and injured victims. It was learnt that another terrorist leader in Gado has erected over 500 smaller huts for Turji and his men to settle after leaving Fakai, their present camp.

According to reports monitored from Voice of America (VOA), one local politician, Hamza Adamu, told the Press that the person that the chairperson of Anka LGA Vigilante Group, Gambo Abare was one of those killed including many other Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) members.

When asked how many were killed, he noted that though they counted 58 bodies, it was suspected that many more were killed. He further lamented the killing of Gambo Abare, a popular CJTF leader which will bring more security set backs in the area because of his experience and knowledge of the terrain.

A survivor of the attack who is still searching for members of his family, Murtala Waramu, told VOA that he had seen 58 corpses.

According to him, 22 bodies were found in Danya village, eight in Tugar Geza, six in Tugar Dangaya, five in Tungar Toro, four in Abare, three in Walo and two in Tugar Issa. He said most of those killed were adults and the terrorists refused to allow their relations to carry their bodies for burial.

The residents of the area noted that Turji decided to relocate because of massive air strikes carried out recently by the Airforce that killed two of his commanders and many other fighters.

The two commanders were Kachalla Ruga and Kachalla Auta.

Terrorists kill 58 in Zamfara, 11 informants executed


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