Hadiza Gabon may be expelled from Kannywood – Officials


Hadiza Gabon may be expelled from Kannywood – Officials

Kano State Films and Censorship Board, and officials of Kano Hisbah command are investigating a picture of Hadiza Gabon which is now trending on social media so that they can take appropriate actions against her.

Competent sources from Kannywood gathered by Neptune Prime’s correspondent linked the picture to some of her colleagues in the industry who are not happy of her success.

Hadiza who is a Gabonese came to Nigeria over 15-years-ago. She first stayed in Kaduna with her sister before Yakubu Lere took her to Kano and linked her up with Ali Nuhu who started featuring her in films.

When she came to Nigeria, she couldn’t even speak Hausa and had to go to a Hausa lesson including associating with Hausa actors and actresses and before you know what, she can now speak the language very well. Before coming to Nigeria, she obtained a Diploma in French from one of the Higher Institutions in her country.

In the past ten-years, she made a lot of fortune, and built a mansion in Kaduna where she is currently staying including a mosque for people in the area to be using for observing their religious obligations.

In fact, when she first posted the picture of the mosque on the social media, it generated lot of hatred and envy for her, with some members of the industry asking how she made her money and the source of her recent finances.

At slightest opportunity, Hadiza will take a flight to several African countries to visit tourist centers, historical places, with a hired camera man that will be taking her pictures in all the places she chooses to visit.

Four years ago, she had a serious fight with Amina Amal another Kannywood actress from Cameroon, that accused Hadiza Aliyu Gabon of lesbianism. She paid for thugs to take Amina Amal to her office then on Waff Road and gave her the beating of her life, which they also recorded and posted on social media to embarrass her.

But before that incident, Amina Amal already released a chat between her and Hadiza Gabon confirming some of her allegations even though Gabon denied but later, when MOPPAN was to expel them, they later pleaded and the matter was dropped.

Recently, she insulted a senior member of Kannywood, and some of his boys went on the social media calling her prostitutes and reminding her of how she came to Nigeria, how she joined Kannywood and how she made her money.

The on going picture scandal if not handled with care, may earn her expulsion from Kannywood, similar to the action taken against Rahama Sadau when she posted her half nude pictures on social media.

Hadiza Gabon may be expelled from Kannywood – Officials


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