The beauty, bottomline of behading Buba Galadima


The beauty, bottomline of behading Buba Galadima

By Bala Ibrahim

My Head should be cut off if President Muhammadu Buhari signs the electoral bill-Buba Galadima.

The dictionary has provided a distinction between a WILL and a WISH, where it describes a will as the legal declaration of a person’s wishes regarding the disposal of his or her property or estate after death.

In other words, a will is a written instrument legally executed, by which a person makes disposition of his or her estate to take effect after death.

A will therefore is expected to be executed after the death of the declarant.

But when a person has an announced desire or hope, for something to happen to him, that is called a wish, the execution of which would be helpful to the declarant.

It is in the light of the above, that I see the importance of respecting the aforementioned wish of Engineer Buba Galadima, the controversial politician that sometimes takes delight in going politically blasphemous. On occasions, Buba seems unwary of the consequences of his actions, or the offence of speaking recklessly about events.

Sometimes in 2018, preparatory to the 2019 General elections, Buba Galadima, who had appointed himself as the chairman of a faction of the All Progressives Congress (APC), what they called the Reformed APC, gave reasons why he thinks President Muhammadu Buhari refused to sign the Electoral Act Amendment Bill that was presented to him.

At that time, the president rejected the National Assembly’s amendment to the electoral act, noting that signing it too close to the 2019 General elections would create some uncertainty about the legislation to govern the process. PMB said, “I am declining assent to the Bill principally because I am concerned that passing a new electoral bill this far into the electoral process for the 2018 general elections which commenced under the 2015 Electoral Act, could create some uncertainty about the applicable legislation to govern the process. Any real or apparent change to the rules this close to the elections may provide an opportunity for disruption and confusion in respect of which law governs the electoral process”.

Many believed the President, but not Buba, who in his indulged daydream, believed the president was only interested in protecting himself and his party, because as he puts it, he’s afraid he won’t get enough votes to win re-election at the polls. “What the president said was just self-protectionism. He’s just protecting himself from being flogged at the polls. He’s running away from free, fair, transparent and credible election. There are two issues they’re afraid of. One, the transmission of the result directly from the polling booth to the collection centre. Two, the use of the card reader for accreditation because once accreditation is completed, all those that are accredited will be transmitted and the world will know, even before voting, that such number of people are being accredited and the result of the voting cannot be more than the number of people accredited. Therefore, there’ll be no magu magu along the way. This is what the president and his party are afraid of”. Buba.

Buba boasted that People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and Atiku Abubakar would win the elections, he even went close to blasphemy, in the event that the reverse happens.

That’s the tantrum of boastful Buba.

As God would have it, the reverse happened. PMB went ahead to beat Buba’s candidate, Atiku Abubakar of the PDP, at the polls.

As expected, Buba, who had since changed camp to the PDP and believed to be on the payroll of Atiku, became a busybody, chanting all manner of allegations, to the effect that Alhaji Atiku won the Presidential election, but INEC chose to declare Buhari the winner.

“The whole world knows that Atiku defeated Buhari hands down but the election was heavily rigged in Buhari’s favour. I boldly challenge Buhari and other APC leaders to swear with the Holy Quran, and the Bible if they were sure that Buhari won that election. If they are sure that Buhari defeated Atiku, Buhari, APC leaders should take up my challenge. I’m throwing this challenge openly, I’m making it public, and I’m waiting for any of them who is bold and sure of himself to take up this challenge” Galadima.

Buba went haywire, saying INEC was only independent in name during the elections, but in practice, it surrendered its mandate to the whims and caprices of Buhari and APC.

He said with the way and manner the election was conducted, INEC will enter the Guinness Book of Records as having organised the worst election in Nigeria’s history.

That’s the tantrum of defeated Buba.

Although Nigerians are used to such sacrileges, including the one from Bode George in 2015, where he said he would leave Nigeria if APC wins the elections, the bottom-line is for the public to ensure the enforcement of the wishes of such people.

And the enforcement should start with the beheading of Buba. It would be beautiful, because it’s not only helpful to him, but in tandem with his tantrums.

The beauty, bottomline of behading Buba Galadima


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