Federal Poly Ilaro Student Commits Suicide After Losing School Fees To Gambling

Federal Poly Ilaro Student Commits Suicide After Losing School Fees To Gambling
Federal Poly Ilaro Student Commits Suicide After Losing School Fees To Gambling

Samuel Adegoke, a student at the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro (FPI) in Ogun’s Yewa South local government area, reportedly committed suicide after losing his tuition fees and that of his friend to gaming.

Adegoke, an ND2 student of Electrical Electronic Engineering, allegedly ingested a chemical substance thought to be sniper on Monday when his colleagues were studying for the first semester exam.

On Friday, the deceased allegedly lost his school fees and that of his roommate through internet gambling.

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Additionally, it was learned that the deceased conned his roommate by getting his password, used his fee to play, and also lost.

Further information revealed that the institution had issued a warning that no student would be permitted to write a test without first completing the registration process.

According to reports, Adegoke took the sniper few minutes to the exam, which was set for the same Monday, he was taken to the school clinic and then taken to a specialist hospital outside the school in Ilaro before being pronounced dead.

According to the school’s Public Relations Officer, Sola Abiala, the school swiftly referred him to a specialty hospital to save his life, but he was pronounced dead shortly after being admitted.

Abiala explained that it was at the specialist hospital, that they discovered the late student had taken snipper and on contacting his father, it was learned that his son had used his school fees to gamble the previous session, but that he had to save him by making another payment.”

“We have a policy here that any student that does not pay school fees will not write exam.
He realized that he and his friend would not write the exam, that was why he committed suicide.

“We sent for his parents and briefed them. His father told us that his late son did the same thing last session and had to send money to him to pay the fees.

“He said if he had known about the latest one, he would have paid for it.

“But when we asked the father to take possession of the corpse, he rejected it and said he could not take his son’s corpse back home.

“He asked us to burry him. The school paid part of the burial expenses. The school had to pay the fee for the other student whose fee was used to gamble by the late student so as to avoid another calamity.

“We were surprised that he did not leave any suicide note behind. We did not see any note. The DSA and his team went to his house and checked for a note, but there was no note other than the bottle of the snipper he drank,” Abiala concluded .